Night Sky Ramblings I

Right now, I am outside underneath a somewhat starry sky in high 40’s temperatures, the Leonids meteor shower primetime. Also, I’m in Orlando, Florida, so these temperatures are a Godsend. From here on out, I’ll be doing these “Night Sky Ramblings” when the time is needed. In it, I will just be writing what I feel, which is usually a plethora of different things. I will be getting quite personal though, so almost think of this as a diary, in a way. Sort of. Tonight is one of these nights.

Since I adore any kind of ambient music, such as Eureka by Huma-Huma, Look, The Stars Are Crumbling by Turion, Everdream by Epic Soul Factory (Cesc Vila), Ether by We Are All Astronauts, and What Happens Now? by Hans Zimmer, and tonight the cold, crisp atmosphere is dotted with specks of light, this makes for a beautiful moment, a moment filled with a prayer to Jesus himself here and there, and wonder about what lies beyond this planet. As the saying goes, ”If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently… when you look into infinity you realize there are more important things than what people do all day.” Not only are they great words, but they’re wise words. It’s an almost indescribable feeling when I look up (I have been enamored with cosmology and astrophysics since about 7), to see the expanse of the universe before my own eyes. INFJ’s like myself can be quite odd, but in a good way.

The pastor there is good and pure, one of the few left. Churches in America are dead as a doornail, in my opinion. It’s unfortunate really, even though it had been prophesied by John and Jesus in Revelation. The USA was supposed to be the gold standard of goodness, yet now it has evolved into the very thing it swore to destroy—filled with anti-Christs, socialist/communist-supportive groups such as “Antifa,” a literal terrorist group inside our cities, and people who do not understand basic history. Sorry if this became a bit of a rant.

Anyway, the Leonids are peaking today and tomorrow, and so far (looking up right now), I have seen about five. Not bad. The Ambient music is really amplifying the sense of wonder. Thanks YouTube.

I believe this is what many people miss, though they are merely a dozen or so steps from it. Though I am in my own backyard, I feel somewhere else—somewhere amongst the stars of the universe. It’s a term INFJ’s refer to as “infinite.” And oh boy, it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks. By the way, whoever’s reading this, I suggest you check out those music tracks I provided!

Huh, I guess that’s enough for one night. Plenty of random rambling for the first one in a long line of Ramblings. Long live Night Sky Ramblings!
Keep Looking Up,



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