Why Infinity War Is the Best Marvel Movie, and How Black Panther Isn’t

This past spring, fans of Marvel (R.I.P Stan Lee) were shocked, stunned, and (if you’re like me), amazed. Thanos had joined a very select few of villains (like The Joker in The Dark Knight) who had overcome the heroes. Though we all know they’ll come back, it was awesome to see it for at least a little while until Avengers 4 comes out in 2019.

But anyway, why was Infinity War better? First off, it had by far the best villain of any Marvel movie. And good thing, too, because they were setting Thanos up for the past decade. It’s also welcome because most villains in Marvel movies are either passable or just terrible. The first Avengers movie’s villain, Loki, was fantastic, but Ultron in Age of Ultron was meh. Too much of Tony Stark was in him. So many times he would say something cool, but then totally destroy it by shoving in some sarcasm, just like Tony.

But that all changed with Thanos. He was three-dimensional, ruthless, yet pure. I could honestly feel what Thanos went through when he pushed Gamora down the cliff. It was the necessary move. He even admits that his goal is extremely difficult, but, “The hardest choices require the strongest wills,” or as my own main villain, Titan, puts it, “Extraordinary measures require extraordinary will.” By the end of the movie, Thanos successfully defeats everyone, snaps his fingers, and half of the inhabitants of the universe vanish. Infinity War is easily the most fast-paced Marvel movie, and its sheer amount of emotion and conflict is not to be reckoned with.

On the contrary, there’s Black Panther, easily the most overrated superhero movie ever. Not only is the 97% on Rotten Tomatoes just false, but it also shows how much liberal agendas proliferate in Hollywood. Though the character is my favorite in Marvel right now, the movie lacked an essential ingredient of good movies: no plot holes.

Seriously, there would plot holes everywhere. I haven’t watched it in a few months, but my God. The only good thing about that movie was Killmonger, who was awesome and an actually interesting villain. Everything else? Nope. Further, I think the focus of being a “feel good” movie for African-American people on account of them being black further eroded itself. That might sound a bit harsh, but it’s undeniably true. This movie could have been so great, but instead, it was far below average. In fact, I think I might have enjoyed Green Lantern more than Black Panther.

With that said, though, I believe it has, no matter the rating, cultural significance in an age of brutal racism from every corner of society. And no, I’m not talking about the lies spread by the media and the Democratic Party, a party originally founded by racists such as the KKK. But away from that. Before, during, after Black Panther‘s release, I had not seen such a level of pride in black people across the US (the good kind). So, while it was definitely a below-average movie, it held more cultural significance than all superhero movies combined, more so than Wonder Woman.

In the end, though, Infinity War still stands far higher than Black Panther. It’s faster-paced, has few plot holes, and has a great villain. Black Panther boasts none of those things. Only the last twenty minutes were good, but that didn’t change the fact it seemed like a modern-day Lion King.

And, as stated, Infinity War beats out both its predecessors—The Avengers and Age of Ultron. It’s longer, grittier, more emotional, and is just fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Why Infinity War Is the Best Marvel Movie, and How Black Panther Isn’t

  1. First, I agree whole-heartedly that Black Panther was nothing more than liberal propaganda. I gave it 4 stars because of how amazing Killmonger was (and Bucky had 2 secs of screen time lol)… But then.. You know what happened. Which sucked. Another thing about BP that was soo irritating was the obsession over female warriors/generals/etc. As a female, I was SO MAD. Why is Marvel obsessed with female superheroes? Give me more of Laura Barton, folks!

    Second, honestly, I really didn’t like Infinity War. It got 3 stars from me, my dad, and bro, and we are Marvel geeks. 😛 Mainly because… well, kind of like Ultron. The movie was supposed to break my heart. But it wasn’t extremely moving. Most of the characters I cared nothing for (Black Widow, Vision, Wanda, Hulk) and even Captain America left a bad taste in my mouth from Civil War. I feel that Spiderman, Tony, Thor, as well as Strange, really were the characters pulling the plot along. The GOTG dudes were all right, but since those movies never held a great deal of seriousness, it was quite the switch to suddenly have the Gamora/Thanos plotline. It wasn’t terrible. I just didn’t actually enjoy much. I feel it is kind of a let down.

    As for Thanos, he wasn’t scary. He wasn’t unpredictable. I like villains like that. Thanos was predictable and understandable. Though, heh, his motivations were a bit hole-ish. 😛 ANYWAY sorry for the hugeee comment. xD *high five*

    1. Yeah, I can agree with you on that. Killmonger was the best part of BP by far. I still loved IW, but it’s funny when you realize most of the people who vanished were all the new characters, and the original Avengers was left alive. And yeah, they have an obsession with female warriors/generals as you said (it’s basically The Last Jedi treatment… a.k.a. Holdo). And yeah, most of the other stuff I agree with, especially the liberal propaganda part. It was so obvious it wasn’t even funny lol. Thanks for the comment!

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