Searching For Reviewers For My First Novel, The Shadowverse


This is a (kind of) weird post, but I decided to do this since I know there are tons of book reviewers on this site. Why not go straight to the dealer, you know?

So, I’m 17, my name is John-Clement Gallo, and I’m the author of The Shadowverse, a Sci-Fi Superhero novel. Though I haven’t published yet (I will in the next few days), and I’m looking for possible reviewers since the book will be free on Amazon for the first couple of days.

Anyway, if you decide to oblige, my thorough appreciation is with you! If not, could you possibly refer someone who might want to? That would be great.

Without further ado, thank you in advance. If you want to know more, just message me or e-mail me (contact info on the top of my page).




Here are my thoughts...

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