Thanksgiving. Most Underrated Holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! On this day, we can celebrate all the things we have and/or enjoy, from a simple book to a loved one. But, it seems that besides the Thanksgiving Parade in NYC, Thanksgiving is overlooked by many stores, companies, and distributors. Many choose to rather sell Christmas stuff and decorations at the end of October, rather than wait until just before Thanksgiving or the end of November.

The culprit is profits. While Christmas is the heart of many holidays (and for good reason), when people buy decorations, trees, lights, food, and most importantly gifts, the main commodity during Thanksgiving is food—typically turkey and stuffing. So, distributors and stores have more to sell, thus more profits, from Christmas than Thanksgiving.

On the other hand, even Halloween grants more money to suppliers than Thanksgiving does. It can be referred to as the “scary Christmas” since many people dress up, buy loads of candy, and decorate their houses with lights and blow-ups. This transfers to extreme profits for distributors.

It’s funny. Thanksgiving is the one holiday which has not been influenced outside of its intention. For example, Easter was celebrated because of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Today? Most people think of the Easter Bunny rather than Jesus himself. Some don’t even know what “Good Friday” is. Christmas, unfortunately, is another victim to this. Originally, Christmas had been celebrated because of Jesus’ birth 2000 years ago. Nowadays, people equate Christmas with Santa Claus, even going so far as to refer to it as “Xmas” because saying “Christ” is politically incorrect for people—somehow. It’s anti-Christian, honestly.

Anyway, Thanksgiving, on the contrary, is still celebrated how it was meant to be. To thank God for all the things we have. You can’t sidetrack that with something else, like the Easter Bunny for Easter and Santa for Christmas. This is why it’s overlooked—underrated—by so many.

To that end, I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Thanksgiving!


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