Night Sky Ramblings II

Hello there!

Tonight is the second edition of Night Sky Ramblings, where I just recount things from the day and talk about a plethora of different things—all while under a starry sky in my backyard, a telescope as my only companion. It’s sort of a stream of thoughts, where you can almost look into my mind. For those who would like to know, this is the music I am listening to (linked).

Before I continue, please check out my previous post here, part of the Blog Tour of Angela Watts’s book, Seek. It was a guest post, written by Angela herself, and was a helpful tidbit on great antagonists for those wannabe or new authors and screenwriters.

Anyway, without further ado, let us initiate Night Sky Ramblings, Edition II!

So today was mostly interesting in and of itself. I am currently learning how to join book clubs on Wattpad because that is a place I believe my book, The Shadowverse, can prosper if under the right set of eyes. It’s crazy. Never in all my days did I imagine book clubs were on that site/app. And even the way they’re arranged (since they’re arranged like books) elicits a chuckle. Wish me luck.

I recently posted my opinion on the upcoming Marvel superhero flick Captain Marvel, which has succeeded in lowering my originally high expectations (first female-led Marvel superhero movie yet). Because I pointed out the obvious feminist agenda behind it all (made palpable by both trailers), teenagers with no life proceeded to lambaste me with every sort of condemnation possible. Several thousand, to be exact. They seem to think anyone who doesn’t unconditionally love it is sexist and a misogynist. I guess they just hate innocent opinions other than theirs, even though my friend Angela and like millions of other women agree. But hey, it generated a slew of impressions for my account, so I’m actually happy.

Furthermore, the trailer just didn’t impress me whatsoever. The lines were cringy and pulled off terribly by renowned feminist Brie Larson. On top of that, the blatant disregard of any other emotion besides a deadpan expression on her face proves this point. It was so enlightening to watch teenage girls try to show this was not the case, despite the brutal evidence in the trailer itself. They just convince themselves anything but the truth if it doesn’t match their opinions. Like, c’mon. It’s just a movie. Anyway, I am not going to further elaborate since I will post about that tomorrow.

In other news, I joined another book club on Facebook due to Angela’s invitation (thanks). Promotion for books (still trying to get an email list set up) is such a hassle. It’s worse than editing, honestly. And that is saying something.

So here I am. Underneath a surprisingly quite starry sky in my backyard. The temperature is unbelievably cold—about 47 degrees—which is basically arctic for this state. Thankfully, my grandmother gifted me an expensive telescope for Christmas last year, so any time it’s cold, I’m out here watching the stars.

Talking about stars, writing a science-fiction novel really impacted me in an interesting way. Though I have been an astronomy and astrophysics buff since 8, this year everything seems different. When I look up, I wonder if there truly are alien species out there somewhere. Maybe there are immortal rulers and heroes or intergalactic empires and wars. So many incredible stories, but I’m missing it since I’m here…stuck on Earth. Kinda sucks since there’s also a small chance life exists somewhere else in the universe. Nevertheless, the thought persists.

The longer the night goes on, the more I am impacted by this feeling. This feeling that I might be missing something incredible and far-reaching—far larger than just you and I. You should tell I’m an INFJ by now. We think big.

Ambient music enables this too. Seriously.

Anyway, I think this might be all for now. I’ve been writing for about thirty minutes, and midnight is nearing. I hope you enjoyed peering into this crazy brain of mine. Thanks for that!

Good night, God bless, and long live Night Sky Ramblings!








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