The Shadowverse 4/4 Review!

Hello, hope you are having a superb evening. Today, the review by OnlineBookClub arrived, and they rated my book, The Shadowverse, 4 out of 4!. I’m not only amazed but thank God every minute. Here is the review!

The Shadowverse by John-Clement Gallo is a captivating science-fiction story that incorporates elements of real life and fantasy.

In a surprising encounter, four male college friends acquire superpowers from a stranger. They later realize that Rose, who is an addition to the group, is an alien who is been sought after. A second lady, Jane, joins the party after they realize she also has unusual powers. The group is tricked by an evil force and they find themselves outside of the world they are used to and on a new planet and universe that is far ahead of the earth. Titan, the evil force, captures Rose and is focused on bringing justice and ending free will in all the planets that he controls. The five friends have to seek help from Sonovan Lung, an immortal warrior and former hero in exile, in order to stand a chance of defeating the villain, bring back Rose and stop Titan from invading earth.

I liked that the author incorporates both real and imaginative features to add realism to the book. The story starts like any ordinary one. Four friends are attending college together. They enjoy each other’s company sometimes making fun of each other. They all have issues they are dealing with but the friendship creates a place to forget their past. One day they bump into a stranger and they start manifesting incredible abilities. This ordinary start made the book more enjoyable for me as it contains elements of surprise unlike if the beginning had gone straight to the fantasy bit of the book.

I also liked the characters. The five friends and the supporting characters fit into their roles superbly. They are relatable and their reactions to the new world are phenomenal. The villain is intimidating and even though the friends have acquired superpowers, their unity and strength will be tested many times. The supporting characters are captivating and they support the main themes of the plot satisfactorily. 

The dialogues exchanged between the characters gave me an opportunity to understand the story and the scenes better. The features of the other planets are well-detailed. I also liked the inclusion of time-travel which added a captivating flavor to the story. I would have appreciated much more action. I felt that some points of the plot were slow. 

Still, I think The Shadowverse has amazing features that have the ability to captivate and it is also edited well. Readers who are fans of science-fiction stories with some elements of time-travel will find the book fascinating. Readers who prefer fast-paced stories and are not lovers of science-fiction books may not enjoy this book. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars.


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