How I Spent My Summer

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Many words can describe how I, a 16-year-old kid, devoted my time this past summer. Today, I want to communicate the lessons I myself learned throughout the process.

To start, I finally wrote the Science-Fiction book I have been dreaming about for the past three years. After sporadically spending time to outline the story for nearly a year, I faced myself in the mirror one day and commanded my stubborn brain to prioritize and focus on what I wanted to complete instead of wasting the time I had been given. You might think losing possessions or wasting money is dreadful. On the contrary, the worst possible thing is misplaced, wasted time – for time can never be replaced. The time you spend will never return to you for a second chance.

Once I had everything set, I began to write and nothing in all my days gave me such joy. Mind you, I was also the kind of person who relentlessly complained about writing an essay for a school project or report. To put it clearly, I despised writing. Until now. Nevertheless, I completed the 105,000-word book, titled The Shadowverse, which will hopefully be the first in a trilogy of stories and a prequel to boot.

Anyway, a question arises. Why would a teenager ever care about writing a book? After all, don’t teenagers only spend their time on social media, attending parties, video games, or other things to occupy their minds? This is a stereotype I pray will dissipate given enough time.

Before I continue, let me elaborate on how I began to write and obtained the necessary desire to do so.

You know what I have noticed? My generation seems to oppose those who favor different things (old movies, nature, art, etc.) rather than embrace them. So, as Heath Ledger’s Joker said in The Dark Knight, I decided to conduct a social experiment. While doing so, it became apparent to me my age group is quite resistant and negative to the ones who are not keen to the same things other people are.

During the span of this experiment, I had been playing a sport I loved nearby for three years. In short, I myself was placed in the very position I had observed. To be frank, I left, due to the people there taking drugs, hurting innocent kids, bullying them, and then expecting me to commit the same atrocity in order to be welcomed as a “friend.”

When I decided to end my time there, I finally felt free from a self-imposed prison. It was the toughest easy decision of my life so far.

To make a long story short, my time would now be spent with other enjoyments. One of these was, in fact, writing. I would stay up deep into the night, my mind far beyond this planet and its problems; in a world across the stars.

During this brand-new time of my life, I learned things whilst writing I never would have picked up had I remained status quo. The very characters I had designed have taught me things about myself I never recognized nor desired to know.

To that end, here is the target I want to hit with this. You can be whatever you want to be regardless of what others say about you. In fact, differences should be welcomed rather than scorned. If you love drawing or painting, draw or paint. If you love writing, write. If you love inventing things, invent. If you love sports, reach the professional leagues. If you love music, play an instrument or inspire anyone with music of your own. If you desire to fly, reach the stars while you’re at it. I myself have done most of these. Finally, no matter what you love to do, do that specific thing. People might hate you for choosing your own path, but that is the very point of being your own person. Remember, it takes nothing to join the crowd, but everything to stand alone.

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  1. AMEN! Awesome post, JC.

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