Satan: Lord of the Villains, Part I—Unseen Menace

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

From now on, I will post this sort of essay/writing on weekends (hopefully on Saturday and Sunday). So be prepared for this stuff every weekend (I’m posting tomorrow and Christmas day though, too). Without further ado, let us begin.

Satan—king of the villains. He alone is responsible for the evils of this world; but most of all, the deception. He is not your typical villain. In fact, from the outset, one could mistake him to be the one who “affirms” people and their values/actions. Thus, one could see him as a heroic figure rather than the Master of Deception.

All villains fit into three distinct categories. They are the following:

  • A villain just for the sake of developing the hero and having a story in the first place (insert most Marvel villains here).
  • The ones who feel justified for their actions yet are ruthless in accomplishing them (can be the best kind—think of Thanos, Bane, Ra’s al Ghul or my villain Titan).
  • The kind whose life has been ruined or affected by something and thus seeks revenge. Many times this villain can sadden the audience and make them “feel bad” for he or she. Sometimes referred to as the “tragic” villain.

The irony is Satan, sometimes referred to as Apollyon or Lucifer, is the grandest of them all yet does not fit into any of the mentioned categories. Of all the characters besides John the Baptist, Jesus, and Daniel, Satan is my favorite character from the Bible and therefore reality. From here on out, I’ll explain.

I admire the way he thinks. He is a genius. If most Christians were as good at thinking and planning as he is, we’d be unstoppable. But that is not the case. He is a workhorse and never relents from his plan.

He succeeded in turning America, for instance, into one of the most immoral, money-hungry, sinful countries in existence. Sodom and Gomorrah pale by comparison, as the evils across the world have found their way into the United States. And it started small. First, he made sure to destroy the Church’s power and goodness. How? He instituted preachers and people who didn’t care for the Bible and likely never read it. These “pastors” thought the only way to succeed and live as a Christian was to make money and live out the so-called “American Dream.” As Isaiah 30:10 declares, “Tell us nice things; prophesy illusions.” He got the Church to abandon its first love and follow the world. As my great-grandmother once said, “You do not need to leave the Church to meet the Devil.”

Greed and hunger for money flooded into America after WWII, as many desired fame and cash to achieve the American Dream, leaving behind their children. This spelled disaster, as those very children grew up to crave money and disregard religion. And the Church just let it unfold without doing a thing. Thousands of pastors and bishops were born who did not preach of the saving power of Jesus. They spoke of the affirmative power rather than the transformative, resulting in a totally confused generation of Christians. A fun fact is 23 of the country’s most famous pastors of megachurches have personal jets which cost millions. Their message is the good ole’ “name it and claim it” rather than the “let Jesus control your life.” All of this and more, on the Church’s part, birthed a generation of humans who are lost, confused, depressed, drug-addicted, sin-addicted and suicide-leaning. Never before has it been this bad. And how?

Satan began to enact his plan.



Part II arrives tomorrow.




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