Satan: Lord of the Villains Part II – Evil Hero

(Continuation from Part I—read it here).

So, here we are. After thrusting sin such as pornography, immorality, greed, and other such sins into the Church, Satan began to enact his plan. After slipping through the American Church and the American culture undetected, masquerading himself as goodness and “freedom,” people began to flock to the ideals he created, too naive to understand this was the antithesis of good.

But he is no typical villain. Where most villains want to destroy things or take things away, Satan does not. This is why he is the greatest of them all. He shows himself as an agent of good rather than the embodiment of evil. And here’s how.

Persecution across the world could not outright appear in the American culture since the Constitution forbids it (against any religion, but especially Christianity). So instead, it arrived through “political correctness.” Now, a Christian could be financially destroyed for not baking a cake for an LGBTQ couple, which would go against his or her beliefs.

Others are condemned and hated, especially on college campuses, for standing up for what they believe. Because of this anti-Christian hatred has skyrocketed in recent years, with increased threats of death on prominent Christian leaders and even the ordinary believer. Therefore, instead of outright persecution, it would now be rebranded as “political correctness,” since persecution would be too obvious. Now, you are persecuted for making someone feel bad or angering them instead of disobedience of law (which is what persecution is in every other country).

Satan disguises himself as the hero rather than the Devil. In most stories (or reality), the villain wants to take something away or destroy. But not Satan. He builds bridges between religions and advertises his brand of life as “free.” He wants to give you everything. Jesus Christ desires to take away the freedoms the Devil gives freely.

And yet, the “free” people are far from it. They are chained to a life of sin and eventual depression, never discovering true happiness and contentment. As Satan guides them, they search for it in money, sex, fame, and power; but not one has found the treasure every man or woman desires from the beginning of time. They search endlessly for hope but fail endlessly.

In conclusion, Satan disguised himself, convincing the world he didn’t exist while also pushing ideals that seem good but are in fact evil. He took away the power of the Church so it could form no resistance. Furthermore, he entered the government and schools to take every generation for himself, blinding them from the truth. He instituted political correctness to keep his engine rolling. Finally, he introduced freedom and a selfish life to everyone, making them think they were on the path to happiness instead of the path to depression, hopelessness, and eventually, the Second Death. This beautiful plan, which I have merely summarized, has succeeded.

Remember, as a human, no one can outsmart Satan. He is the most cunning, intelligent, yet hard-working villain out there. He will mask himself as an angel of light, which truly bestows him the title “Lord of the Villains.” He is the unseen menace and the evil hero, who never relents.

But there is still a way to guard yourself and prevent his illusions from overtaking you. There is still hope. As Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess from your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” In that simple prayer and a true rebirth of the spirit, nothing the Devil does can succeed. Your eyes will be opened, finally seeing him for what he is: the Master of Deception.


Thanks for reading this two-part blog post! God bless you all.



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