Why Feminism No Longer Works

As I had mentioned, I will be doing essay-like posts every weekend—at least once. Today is an interesting one.

Oh boy. I might get a slew of angry commenters now. Please don’t lynch me. Thanks. I will try to stick to some particular points instead of the whole of feminism. You can write a book on all the deranged ideas and claims the factless feminists spew.

So with the recent tension between the sexes and seemingly unstoppable feminist hatred on the straight white male, I decided to dedicate a post to this. Furthermore, their aversion has now also been focused on the Christians of America. They believe Christians, for simply existing or following their religion, are “bigoted, “hateful,” and “unequal” towards feminists or any non-believer, for that matter. For simply following the faith, they say Christians display evil. But that statement drips in irony.

Feminists, for the last decade, have prejudiced men constantly, blaming them for “all that has gone wrong with the world.” They believe males are only “good for sex” and that’s it. Pretty sad, honestly. And it’s not just the men. But the pro-life and Christian women too! As one great meme account once put it, “Feminism is the belief that we can equalize the sexes by focusing on the issues of one of them.”

In truth, I am a feminist. I believe in equality. But modern-day “feminism” has drifted towards a land of inequality. “Feminazis” as they have been called, became the very thing they swore to destroy. It is not about equality anymore. Instead, it is about women over men and that the “future is female.” These examples are usually spewed at Feminist rallies across the United States.

On the other hand, Christians represent the one group, besides straight white males, who feminists cannot stand. Many of the ideals and laws outlined in the Bible are in direct contradiction to their own beliefs. But this comes as no surprise. Jesus Christ himself states real Christians would be persecuted and hated for His name and for what they believe. In fact, if you are not hated by the world, you are not a Christian. There should be many who despise you. But take heart! The Old Testament prophets and God incarnate, Jesus Christ, were the first to be labeled “bigots” so you’re in great company.

Therefore, as I explained in my blog post, “Satan: Lord of the Villains,” feminism, thanks to the Devil himself, has done away with its original ideals. Furthermore, these have now infiltrated every sector of culture—movies, TV, books, media, etc. There is nowhere to hide from its—and Satan’s—hand. It has invaded the minds of girls, women, boys, and men, no matter the age. Though I will not elaborate on the literally insane claims both men and women in the feminism say (way too much for one post), it is true their minds have been warped into near-insanity.

Though they believe in “love” and “good,” feminists around the globe will dress up as female or male genitalia or wear nothing at all, as shown in the link of these pictures (warning, though). In addition to that, most feminists curse all the time and lack the self-control necessary to live in public life. I have been on the front end of this, as well as the other things described throughout this post.

They say nice things that seem right, but their actions show precisely the opposite.

In conclusion, this is why feminism no longer works. Their disdain for men, Christians, and even non-feminist women has escalated to levels hither-to undreamt of. Sure, there are good feminists out there—in fact, there are many. But the sheer number of the not-so-nice ones is growing by the day. They want a world where women rule. And what kind of equality is that?

2 thoughts on “Why Feminism No Longer Works

  1. Great post and very true.

    The feminism movement is highly humanistic in the worst way. It is no longer about ‘equal rights’, as you say, but for superiority above men (and, yep, any women who goes against their twisted values)… Not to mention, the victim mentality!

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