Night Sky Ramblings III

Hello there, welcome back to another edition of Night Sky Ramblings, where I literally “ramble” about goings-on in my life and the world itself. It’s a way to get to know me, author of The Shadowverse, personally. It is kind of a stream of consciousness, so beware a subject change without warning. Thank you for that. Anyways, let us begin.

Right now, I am sitting under the darkest, coolest night sky of the entire Christmas and New Year season. But because I live in Florida, this comes to no surprise. When a 50-degree day appears, we cherish it dearly. I recommend listening to Dan Farley – Lorica while reading this, by the way.

The promotion stage of my first is going swimmingly. I’ve been learning more and more about the do’s and don’t’s of being a newly-fledged author, especially a young one like myself. It’s all very dandy, to be honest. As I’m getting a bit more feedback, I’ve been making a few edits while also adding stuff I had not, making the story all the better.

I’ve also started outlining the next book in my series. It will be titled Vengeance. It’ll be a huge change from the previous one.

Writing a Sci-Fi book has changed the way I look at the universe. Now I imagine a number of worlds across the cosmos with untold societies and civilizations, all with its own unique story and history. It’s wonderful to think about. When you look into infinity, you realize there is more to life than the everyday activities. Thanks, book.

Talking about societies, I’ve been watching our society very closely, as close as my main villain, Titan, does. And he’s not wrong. In fact, there are times in this book where he does not seem like villain, but rather an intelligent, logical, pure individual who wants to end injustice and free will (which he believes destroys civilizations). The recent deterioration has me astounded. People honestly believe they can sustain a society where everyone does what they want with no laws or repercussions. It is thoroughly sad to watch…a world driving itself into anarchy.

But anyway, away from that. I live in Florida, near a town called Winter Park. And my God, it is a beautiful little place, full of back alleys and urban locations that scream for pictures. Here are a few.

Are they not gorgeous? I surely think so. The scenery just begged me to snap a photo with a good old iPhone.

The nice town is fantastic for writing and instigation. There are prime locations for people-watching, a helpful asset for authors. Like, there are so many times great characters originate from ordinary people talented writers manage to spot. Trust me, it’s been done before. A lot.

By the way, while once walking with my Dad there, we both spotted a group of 4 guys coming in our direction. They were laughing, walking, and just showing themselves perfectly. I was stunned, almost imagining my main male protagonists (Johnny Sparks, Ryan Slade, Dustin and Sam Jones) were about to say “hello” from the deepest reaches of my imagination. It was not so much that they resembled my characters in looks. But they gave off this energy…impossible to miss. Though they resembled my characters to a lengthy extent, the aura they emanated was spot-on. I really could not believe my eyes. Boy, I was not OK.

Well, I don’t have anything else to say. I’m descending into sleep under this starry sky. Therefore, I must head out. I hope you enjoyed looking into this crazy brain of mine in the third edition of Night Sky Ramblings. Long live Night Sky Ramblings!




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    I might have to visit Winter Park one day….

    1. You really have to!

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