Night Sky Ramblings IV

Hello there! Today is another edition of Night Sky Ramblings (thanks to the clear skies and cold temperatures)! I hope all of you, wherever you are on this incredibly wonderful, interesting planet, are doing well.

If you did not know, Night Sky Ramblings is a special post every-so-often where I literally ramble about everything that pops into my head…all under a starry sky. Hopefully I clarified that for you. Good? Good. Let us commence the 4th edition of Night Sky Ramblings. I recommend listening to either Ether by We Are All Astronauts or Arylith by We Dream of Infinity.

On The Shadowverse side of things, I got two 2-star reviews, unfortunately. Thankfully, I also received three 4-star reviews! The two ladies who disliked it though the book did not present enough backstory, though I did weave it in throughout the story. I’m not saying they’re stupid or anything, but some of their points did not make much sense. If you’re an author, any advice on how to create great backstories? There was enough action in that story, so more action is not necessary.

Let’s think. Hmm. The next Captain Marvel trailer came out, and I’m still unimpressed. Don’t get me wrong, I wish this movie will be great. But from what Marvel has shown us, I see nothing but a one-dimensional character whose actress cannot make a single complete smile or even a face of anger or dread. It’s just a deadpan expression that resembles a shell of some arachnid rather than a human being. Brie Larson is so miscast in this…it’s sad. The feminist agenda is real, people. I myself, as well as millions with me, dread the release of this film. Sure, the people over in Hollywood and the “critics” will unanimously love it, just as they fell head-over-heels for Black Panther. Today, a good story and characters are not the basis of a rating. Instead, the inclusion of politics such as feminism, liberalism, etc. is highly regarded and awarded “bonus points.” This is why all those sad sacks in Hollywood loved The Last Jedi despite it being just above mediocre. And Black Panther is no different, despite the fact I really liked it and the character is awesome. But people love going too far, blatantly attacking whites who wear Black Panther clothing or accessories, saying, “This is not your culture.” If that is not racist, I don’t know what is. Pretty sad, honestly. I suppose Marvel is getting the Disney treatment already. Sorry if this might offend some people, but facts are facts.

On the opposite side of things, did any of you ever realize how lucky you are to be alive? It’s pretty crazy to think about. The sheer chance of this entire universe, along with its matter, energy, space, dimensions, and time, of popping up out of nowhere is less than one chance in 10 to the 3,000th power. Heck, the chance of my birth was zero too. My mother’s reproductive system was totally screwed up and did not operate correctly. There was precisely zero percent chance I would ever be conceived, let alone birthed. But she and my grandfather (a one-of-a-kind) did not stop praying, knowing Jesus himself would answer at some future point. Then, low and behold, I was conceived and she gave birth. The doctors were totally stunned. I will not proceed to elaborate on everything that transpired after, but it is a miracle.

I have a story to tell. My grandmother lives with us. She is the most gracious, selfless, Christ-like person I’ve ever met. She affects everyone she meets (literally…not joking) including me. On January 1st, we went out to search around other neighborhoods for homes for sale. The gatekeeper, a 40-something black woman, was enamored with my grandmother the first time she met her. I myself have witnessed these incredible qualities. They are impossible to miss. Since the first meeting, this woman has become great friends with my grandmother, even buying two $25 gift cards for her birthday (also on January 1st). Some might not realize this: It all started with a smile, a kind word, and “God bless you.” Though many across America have made a personal vendetta against Christians, Biblical principles have worked on the human heart and mind for the past 2,000 years. So remember to always give a kind word to not only a loved one but also a complete stranger. We are all brothers and sisters, you know…

Hmm…what else? I find this fascinating: In a universe (possibly even multiple universes) of 200,000,000,000 galaxies, each with 10,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 stars, here I am, sitting on a chair in my backyard, underneath the very expanse I write about. Ironic, really. But there is such a beautiful thing about it. Almost indescribable. To be alive is quite an adventure. We’re passengers on a planet, moving through the expanse of the universe. If people would just open themselves to the fact there is more than what they see, hear, touch, and experience in this lowly civilization, they will never be truly blind to things higher than reality. There is a purpose for everything. One far grander than any could ever comprehend. And it starts with you, wherever you are, whoever you are.

I hope you enjoyed reading this…I sure did. Thanks for giving me the time to enter your imagination. Long live Night Sky Ramblings! Have a good night.





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