I’m Back + Quote of the Day

Hello there!

Sorry guys. I’ve not posted for a week because I’ve been setting up a new email list and connecting it to Mailchimp. Further, I have spent time learning more about WordPress and changing the site name. You might see my site change a bit in the coming weeks.

By the way, isn’t that picture unbelievably amazing? I’ll just have to get the rights for it when I write and publish my prequel, The Legend of Sonovan Lung.

On the side of the newsletter, it is called The Shadows. Through a popup which will pop up at some point on your screen, you can join and receive a free copy of my first superhero book, The Shadowverse. Furthermore, you can also help me design storyline arcs in future books. In that way, we can construct this saga together! (not totally, of course, but you will be able to give opinions on possible storylines I will mention in the newsletter). Together, we can build an army of those who love The Shadowverse, all the way up until the sequel, Vengeance.

Anyways, here is the quote of the day, straight from by book The Shadowverse. From now on, the QOTD post will be every day at around 9 A.M.


You are the chosen ones—chosen by destiny—chosen by the Shadowverse.

– Sonovan Lung


Here are my thoughts...

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