The Fussy Librarian Review

Hello everyone, as promised, I am writing another post. This time, it is about The Fussy Librarian, which is a book promotional service with tens of thousands of readers. For this promotion, I promoted The Shadowverse, which is my first book. It is a YA Sci-Fi Superhero novel, the first among four in the saga.

To start, I spent $22 for a free book promotion for one day in the Young Adult genre. I made sure to make my book free for two days, though, on Amazon. 25% of downloads occur the day after a promotion, and boy was that true.

For the full duration, there were about 705 downloads, which, for about 20 bucks, is fantastic. I was impressed, to be honest. I just hope that turns into reads + reviews.

The first day, it got 440 downloads and reached #1 in the Superhero, Action + Adventure, and Time Travel genres on Amazon, and the top 400 on the entire Amazon store. Then, the day after, it received, 284 downloads, and on day three, because it lasted about six hours (MY free promotion ended at 6 AM), received 6 more downloads and 1 sale.

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All-in-all, I am very impressed and would recommend all authors to try out a free promotion with The Fussy Librarian.

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