Night Sky Ramblings V

Hey everyone, it is about 48 degrees outside, here in Sanford, Florida! I am currently listening to a bunch of tracks in NASA Live. It’s really, really good. The link is here.

On the other hand, here we are…welcome to the fifth edition of Night Sky Ramblings! I’m so glad you’re here, and that you’ve joined me for this little moment. Basically, if you’re a newbie to this, Night Sky Ramblings is where I literally ramble about life, news, music, science, or whatever happens to cross my mind…all under a starry sky. I hope, wherever you are–the countryside, cities, towns–that you cherish these posts.

Anyway, let’s get started.

I have recently discovered that NASA’s Mars rover, the Opportunity, has finally been declared “dead” by scientists after it meandered into a martian storm and transmitted “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.” To be honest, I was kinda sad after hearing this, as Opportunity was the “Opportunity of a lifetime. Rest easy, rover. Your mission is complete.” Those were NASA’s heartfelt words. The little guy was originally supposed to last a few days or weeks, but stayed alive for the past 14 years, journeying across 26 miles of Martian landscape. Here is a link to the full journey of “Oppy”:

On the other hand, I have received a few more 4-star reviews for my YA Superhero novel, The Shadowverse! You can go read them on the book’s Amazon page and Goodreads page. Many thanks to Sandy, Remmy, Elena, Toya, and Taylor (still waiting for her review, though)!

In continuation of the previous paragraph, there were two parts I absolutely loved writing in that book–the meditation scenes with Sonovan Lung, but also, ironically, the scenes when the main antagonist, Titan, is viewing the expanse of the universe from his empire’s (Tetra) flagship, the aptly named Titan. Oh boy, that music really kicked in now (I highly recommend you listen to the tracks–they are linked). I best keep going. Anyway, there was always something so incredible about those scenes. Titan is such a deep character, and you can really see that in those parts. I imagined low, calm music (like the track I’m listening to now–thanks NASA) in the background as he takes it all in–stars, galaxies, and the sheer enormity of the universe. He comments on this fact multiple times, actually, as does Sonovan. They are nemeses, yet similar. Like brothers, almost.

For some reason, cold temperatures always like me. I’ve loved the cold ever since I can remember, and, for some reason, it makes everything better–star-watching, work, activity…life in general. Once the summer comes by, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep doing these because of the heat :(. OH BOY, WOW. I just saw two giant raccoons walk by–about twenty feet away. Geez! What a surprise, to be sure, and not a welcome one!

Sorry for that, lol. Don’t want to catch rabies or something. No thanks. Well, I shouldn’t have expected any less at 12:21 A.M.

The neighborhood is dead silent, only the pleasant background of construction work echoes in the distance. Sanford, Florida is nicer than you think. It even surprises me sometimes. There’s a busy little downtown littered with shops, restaurants, alleys, etc. It’s like a little city. In fact, there’s a FANTASTIC pizza place there, called “Mr. Z’s”, which, amazingly, is the name of a major mystery character of The Shadowverse, and will be a recurring character in the coming installments, all the way up to the finale.

Away from that urban zone, though, is the old neighborhoods, which is a bicyclist and jogger’s paradise. I bike and jog throughout the area all the time. It’s full of old houses which have been restored, parks, churches and schools from the early 1900’s, and alleyways in-between them all. It’s wonderful. I usually listen to Eureka by Huma-Huma while riding, just so you know.

Well, I best be heading out. I think I talked about enough. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this post, whoever you are. These are my favorite posts to make. Not only do I simply enjoy writing about life in general, but I imagine where you, the reader, is right now. It’s such an honor to have an audience, no matter where they exist on this tiny blue marble, suspended in an infinite universe.


Well, thanks for coming along! Long live Night Sky Ramblings!


Good night,





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