A Short, Spoiler-Free Review of Captain Marvel

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I wanted to take some time to give you my thoughts on Captain Marvel, which, leading up to its release, was the most controversial movie Marvel has ever released.

To start, I will say this: if you’re easily triggered and totally biased toward liking the movie because it’s a female-led superhero movie, don’t keep reading.

The movie was very, very bland. When the movie started, it was good. I was pleasantly surprised and got on board. There was even an explanation why Brie Larson has no emotions, even though it was kinda weird, but whatever.

But after a solid first thirty minutes, it stopped getting better, and instead free-falled from that point on. I do not know the exact moment, but something changed. It simply hit the brakes, pulled a u-turn, and accelerated into a lake. That’s what happened. Honestly, the mid-credits scene>the entire movie. I’m sure the Russo Brothers will turn her into a good character. I’m sure of it.

Brie Larson was terribly miscast in this role. Although she and Nick Fury did have some good banter, she played a character that was just unlikeable. Here’s a good analogy. Do any of you remember Chronicle, that found-footage movie from 2012? That was truly a gut-wrenching, incredible film. The three boys received telekinetic powers from an alien artifact they found undergroud—the god machine. Once they found out about their powers, they had fun with them until everything went wrong. That’s what happened here. Carol Danvers (Kara Danvers ripoff) was bestowed powers and had fun with them. That’s what happened here.

In fact, she doesn’t seem to have a “superhero code” either. For example, the protagonists in my book, The Shadowverse, have their own codes. Heck, even the main villain, Titan, has codes. But Captain Marvel does not. She is just a girl who got lucky and now has powers. In short, she is not really a superhero. Just a metahuman.

So yeah, she’s generally unlikeable, just like her comic-book counterpart.

On the other hand, only the main villain, a skrull, was cool and interesting. Everyone else, including Nick Fury, was bland. I want to stay clear from all the “SJW/Feminist” stuff, but here’s my take on it. Truthfully, I’m a feminist. I believe in equal rights. But modern-day feminism is not that but rather something else entirely. Furthermore, this evil version of feminism was definitely shoehorned into this movie and is very obvious at multiple points, including the drastic change of Mar-Vell into a woman…yeet. But whatever though, I could not care less.

These agendas have totally taken over Hollywood. Just listen to the fabulous advertising Brie had done before this movie released. Geez.

Unfortunately, this was also a boring movie. I did not think Marvel could get any worse than Thor: The Dark World, but somehow they succeeded in doing just that. Carol Danvers was an unlikeable character, and even though she had some cute scenes with that friend from her past, I felt nothing because the movie never dived into that and made me feel something. Nick Fury’s character, though I will not go into it, was done a massive disservice. The main villains were meh, yet were the best parts of the movie.

In the end, Captain Marvel started well but free-falled into a boring, cliche movie with archetypes from the other Marvel movies—and it’s getting kind of annoying now. Truthfully, this was everything Wonder Woman was not. This has singlehandedly severely maimed my hype for Endgame.

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