Quote of the Day Post—3/25/19

Hello everyone, another Monday! Back with another quote of the day to kick off your morning (at least, where I am, which is Florida). I have received 2 more 4-star reviews of The Shadowverse, including one by a very nice person, Mar a.k.a Bookgraphy (her blog is linked). If you’re reading this, thanks again, glad you enjoyed the story!

Music recommendation: Sky Gienger – Known. It’s got a Far East/samurai vibe to it, perfectly fit for my main protagonist, Sonovan Lung.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

–Winston Churchill


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day Post—3/25/19

  1. That’s a nice quote😁 You don’t need to thank me, It was a really great book to read!

    1. AHHH Thanks! I post these types of quotes (and music recommendations) every day. On the other hand, get ready for The Shadows email newsletter, because I will start sending in a few weeks! I hope you’re ready to help me with some storylines (here and there) of the sequel, Vengeance!

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