SHAZAM! — Movie Review

Hello there! I recently had the honor to see Shazam! at my nearest theatre. Here is my review!

In short, I honestly loved the movie. The more I think about it, the more I like it. DC and Warner Bros. are on a roll right now since the barnfire titled Justice League.

The villain (s) were awesome, I was surprised by how much I liked Doctor Sivana. His origin story was interesting and I actually felt for him. That entire storyline flowed perfectly and made total sense.

Zachary Levi was literally the PERFECT choice to play Shazam/Captain Marvel (the REAL Captain Marvel), and Asher Angel is apparently the name of the younger version a.k.a Billy Batson. His character was fleshed out very nicely and he changed as the movie went on. At first, he was this lawbreaker who just wanted to find his mother and never bonded with anyone, especially any of the foster parents he lived with throughout his life. But when he’s “adopted” by Rosa and Victor Vasquez, he begins to change. They actually seem to love him. His little sister does too, and the same goes for the other adoptees who the Vasquez couple adopted (they were foster kids themselves).

When Rosa, Victor, and their kids showed up on the screen, I was like, “Wow.” DC is really trying to get comic-accurate nowadays, because…like…tell me this isn’t perfect!

Unfortunately, I don’t have good pictures of the parents and their comic counterparts because it’s so early lol.

Jack Grazer, who I’m not fond of, was also very good in his role. He was believable and they also fleshed out his character. TBH every character in the movie was good and I cannot WAIT for the next one.

I don’t want to spoil anything else. The ending scenes were phenomenal. The entire movie totally suprised me with how good it really is. It’s funny, light, yet at parts quite dark and serious. A perfect blend.

Rating: 4.5/5.


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