Hello there, welcome to a rather short but spoiler-less movie review!

So yesterday I had the privilege of watching Avengers: Endgame at my nearest theatre. Apparently the movie is breaking every cinematic record so let’s get on with this behemoth of a film.

The hype leading up to this movie was and is just insane. I’ve never seen theatres this crowded and packed. I was honestly hoping Thanos would arrive and snap away half of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyway, there was a LOT in this movie so I’ll try to keep it succinct. Overall, I felt it tried to handle too much—time travel, superheroes, quantum theory, emotional stuff, etc.

Endgame started great though and, although many complained about it, I thought the pacing was perfect.

Thanos was awesome in this movie but if you loved him in the last, don’t expect to see him much. I don’t want to dive into spoilers, but there’s a moment about 15–20-minutes in that totally caught me off-guard. Technically, that Thanos still wins but you’ll have to really mull it over to figure it out. Towards the end, Thanos is not really the incredibly deep character from Infinity War but a full-blown villain. And honestly, I loved every second of it. He was a beast. I just wish we get more of him at some point. They kept Loki around, who I never really cared for. Thanos needs his own solo movie. There, I said it.

I was very interested in how the Russo Brothers would treat Captain Marvel in this movie. And they did the perfect thing—kept her off the screen for nearly all of it except the end. The problem is that she is incredibly OP, and, like her comic-book counterpart, is quite unlikeable. I get it that she was brainwashed, which thankfully explains her lack of emotion whatsoever (and that works actually, but only for comics), but my God even Spock from Star Trek has more emotional versatility than her. Movies and TV shows change comic characters all the time. Don’t see why they couldn’t do the same here and make her relatable/likeable—because she’s just boring. Slight spoiler here but when Thanos uses the Power Stone to punch her (and basically knock her out of the movie, didn’t even see her again until the end), it was quite satisfying.

Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Tony Stark each had their best movies with this one. I was little iffy with the choice of Thor’s progression and what he looked like, but OK. Cap was OP as usual (!) and Tony was simply amazing. Both of them were perfect. I cannot even say more than that. Hawkeye had his best going by FAR—his character was, aside from Cap and Stark, the best of everyone. Black Widow was clutch at the right moment (!). Even Bruce Banner had a hell of a movie. His change from Bruce/Hulk to just Professor Hulk was fantastic. Not only was it a logical path for the entire plot to take, but it proved to be the best and funniest.

I don’t want to go much further than that, because then I’m diving into the plot and thus spoilers. The movie made sure everyone got a moment or two, and therefore there were easter eggs galore. Literally every scene had some form of easter egg to a prior installment in the franchise.

Endgame might also be the funniest Avengers movie. They dropped jokes left and right. The audience balled in laughter like nine times.

Although I still cannot pinpoint exactly what it is, something was missing. Maybe you can figure out what I couldn’t. I did feel, as I said before, that it tried to handle way too much. For me, Infinity War is still the best Marvel film.

Nevertheless, Avengers: Endgame is another home run for the Russos and Marvel. A spectacular ending to likely the greatest saga in history.

Final rating: 8.3/10




  1. It got a 3 1/2 star rating from me. xD xD But I’ll be posting a spoiler full ramble on my blog soon.

    1. Awesome review JC with no spoilers. 👍 Even the guardians of the galaxy Had a play in this MOVIE! For a three hour movie it definitely is a must see. You needed every bit of that to get all of that in . I do agree that infinity war presented Thanos in a very deep way but ENDGAME showed him with true pure evil intent and the desire to destroy EVERYTHING. Kind of like Darth Vader in Rogue One. Enjoy seeing it again I look forward to your insights the second time around .

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