Technology – Good or Bad?

In the Digital Age and Information Age—the modern day—technology rules this planet. People, especially in the West, well-nigh depend on technology such as computers, smartphones, and televisions. Without them, life would be very different.

Computers were the beginning. Humanity has advanced far more than previously thought possible. In the last fifty years, mankind has discovered more about math, the sciences, engineering, and the universe around them than in the last many millennia. Medicines, vaccines, and medical devices of all kinds of raised the life expectancy of people by decades—all thanks to the advancement via computers.

On the other hand, smartphones and televisions have also proved to highly influence the world. Social media, games, and shows can now be played and streamed straight from a portable device. Information crosses through millions of cyber highways as people research and learn more. The social medias have connected people right here at home and around the globe—especially teenagers. They can now always be in contact with friends and acquaintances. Even gaming consoles provide this feature. On the contrary, televisions provide thousands of sports, news, movies, and TV shows right into your home. For the reasons, the daily life of a person is heavily influenced by computer technology.

Nevertheless, as with all good things, this tsunami of blue light and information has calloused our brains, such as the memory, motor functions, etc. People require eyeglasses even in their teenage years—something never before seen in prior centuries. Due to the tremendous onslaught, people have a very, very short attention span, and, according to many experts, simply shift from one thing to another without even realizing it. The seemingly constant flow of information and “chats” between friends distracts from education and physical activity.

Many stay up deep into the night to chat with dozens of friends, which eventually takes a toll on your body as a whole. Furthermore, the blue light that emanates from phones, computers, and televisions has been known to cause tumors in the brain.

Finally, cyberbullying has skyrocketed. Girls, boys, men and women alike are subject to some form of cyberbullying. It has claimed lives seemingly every week, and even if it does not go that far, this generation is easily the most depressed of any other generation, despite humanity’s new gadgets and pleasures. Some have referred to it as a “mental health crisis.”

In summary, although computers, smartphones, and televisions have done humanity much good, they have also done much damage to society. If we stay on our current course, the disadvantages could outweigh the advantages. When this happens, there is no telling what could unfold.



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