Short Essay – Outsourcing

This short essay is primarily hitting on INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING, which is mostly used by major corporations. Many of those giant companies outsource much of their merchandise. Sweatshops are the typical establisments that manufacture commodities, and most of these said commodities are not manufactured according to many of the US, health, humanitarian, and business laws. This has caused for many of these sweatshops to abuse human rights.

Overall, outsourcing is one of, if not the, most widespread business practice in the United States. Companies, especially large ones with many employees, use outsourcing to reduce overall costs. Nevertheless, as with many things, just because many do it does not make it a good practice.

Outsourcing is based in other countries, especially China, India, and Taiwan. Most of the materials and goods, even cars, are produced in places known as sweatshops. True to its name, a sweatshop is a place with extremely difficult working conditions and very little pay. The health of workers is usually quite low. Thus, the quality of goods is low as well. In fact, it is often not known that products made here in the United States are far better constructed. According to a Forbes study, the quality and viability of commodities and merchandise deteriorates due to the many stops at different sweatshops and the conditions of each. As the study goes on to show, Boeing also had its problems, which all originated in outsourcing. The conditions of the sweatshops caused the giant aeronautical company to cease construction of a slew of 787’s. The hardware was malfunctioning and deficient, even after its construction had to be delayed nearly three years thanks to “outsourcing woes.” According to the study, even other major retailers such as Nike, Apple, and Samsung have had tons of issues—issues that could easily be resolved. Although the outstanding assumption that “outsourcing reduces costs” there are many, many more examples where this is not the case.

On the other hand, outsourcing also is detrimental to employment in the United States. Because the costs are cheaper when jobs are outsourced, millions of American citizens are left jobless. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that not only is it terrible for foreigners in other countries, but for those here at home as well. Several years ago, the Rana Plaza, an eight-story sweatshop factory in Bangladesh, collapsed, claiming 1,100 lives. Hopefully, at some point in the future, companies will band together and form a new plan—a plan that does not harm as many people as outsourcing does on a daily basis.


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