StoryOrigin and BookFunnel Promotion

I am participating in a BookFunnel and StoryOrigin promotion, where authors promote eachothers’ newsletters and books.

First up is the StoryOrigin swap. I am promoting Dayne Edmunson’s Epic Fantasy Mageborn, which is apparently a fantastic book with a 4.5 average on Amazon out of 46 reviews. Here is the link to check out for a free giveaway!

Next up is the BookFunnel promotion, which is titled “June Journeys Jackpot” which features the works of 17 authors, including myself! You can check it out HERE. All the books are 100% free – some are samples and others are full copies. Go check it out for free stories, because the promotion will end on the 16th. There are some great books in there, so have fun!


Here are my thoughts...

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