Duel with Bokken Katanas!

Hello! As of about a day ago, I reached 100 subscribers (now it’s 125) on my email list/newsletter, The Shadows! Thus, I figured I could give back with a cool video. It features me (if you don’t know yet, I’m 17), and my sister in a duel with bokkens (wooden katanas).

Inscribed in the blades is “Duty, Loyalty,” “Heroic Courage,” and ” Honesty, Justice.” These are three of the creeds of the ancient Samurai.

Apologies for my extra-serious expression. I tend to “get in the mode” when in a duel/fight.

I will likely do this again, but next time, it will be at a better location. But until then, thanks for being here, and enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Duel with Bokken Katanas!

  1. Great job. 😀

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