Quote of the Day—7/03/19

Good morning, my followers! The QOTD is here once again. I’ve received a few more 4-star reviews of my book, The Shadowverse! Made my day yesterday. July 4th is tomorrow (for those living in USA)!

To check out the reviews from some great readers, here’s the first by Topher, the second by Frank Geimer, and the last by Jolie, who is now a new member of The Shadows!

Music recommendation: Hero – Really Slow Motion. One of those incredible tracks. I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been in any superhero movie yet. Simply phenomenal. I listened to it a LOT while writing The Shadowverse, especially the closing chapters (46 and 47).

Since we’re talking about The Shadowverse, the Quote of the Day will follow in that regard.

A mentor enables a person to achieve. A hero shows what achievement looks like.

-John C. Mather


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