Quote of the Day + Listopia—8/14/19

Good morning!

I’ll be covering a lot of information in this, so I’ll try to make it as short as humanly possible. Enjoy!

I’m participating in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Sales Promo on StoryOrigin with dozens of other authors. If you’re interested, head HERE.

The Shadowverse has received another 4-star review from Mina, who has come into the fold of The Shadows! It was very well done and I’ll make sure to take her critiques for Vengeance.

Finally, I have gotten the book added to many different lists on Listopia. For Goodreads users, this is basically a place to rate book covers, add novels you like, etc. in lists (hence the name)–some small, others huge. So, if you can (and if you have a Goodreads account), would you be able to add the book to the specific list I hyperlink? Just head to THIS LINK, click the “Add Books to This List” tab, “Search” up The Shadowverse, and voila! Then you can add it.

This will give the book tons of more exposure, and if we work together, it can easily get to the top 10 in this specific list. There are now 416 of us, and just 69 can get us in the top 10 out of 1,250 books. Let’s do it!

Now, finally on to the QOTD. Music recommendation: OneRepublic – I Lived.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

―Winston S. Churchill

Have a great day!


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