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I am back for another Quote of the Night, despite missing yesterday’s. Thus, I’ll have to do one on Monday to make up for it.

On the other hand, my author friend and fellow Shadow, Bernard Jan, is offering free copies of Look for Me Under the Rainbow, a Young Adult novella about animals, love, and hope. It’s absolutely FANTASTIC and well worth a read, especially when it’s priced for free. Just message Bernard at

Here’s my review of the book!

I loved this book from beginning to end. It really hit you in the feels. Danny was such a lovable “character” (he’s a seal), and his mother was great too. They are both such innocent creatures…they know the power mankind holds over their lives, which is why his mother instructs him to never go near one.

The worldbuilding and descriptions are basically spectacular. As other reviewers have mentioned, I became lost in the icy world the author created. I usually really love descriptive settings and the sort, and this was no exception.

It really hits upon animal cruelty, and, despite being in the Young Adult genre, it really has a special kind of ending. Honestly, I would have this book in schools everywhere, because it really teaches people (and kids) the cruelties of humans. Of course, some people make their living and must kill, but most of it is for no reason, and just invading animals’ ecosystems and habitats. I liked that it showed the terrible facets of mankind yet also the good.

Have a good time, Shadows, and enjoy the book!

Music recommendation: The Captive Oceans – New Beginnings.

Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.

―Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger


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