I’m Back + Quote of the Day—9/17/19

Hello there, Shadows!

Sorry for taking more than a week off, but I was busy with a ton of things, most important being my own version of a copy edit (much thanks to my mother for helping out) of The Shadowverse. Although I’m already deep into Vengeance, the sequel, I keep trying to make the first as good as possible. In the edit, I added descriptions, changed words, and deleted entire portions of dialogue and scenes that were repetitive and served no purpose. Thankfully, I just finished it yesterday! Overall, it’s quite a bit better. It’s just those nagging issues that were bugging me. If I make any more edits, it’ll be from chapters 7 – 14.

Lastly, we passed 700 subscribers yesterday! OOF. Thanks a lot guys! But, I trimmed the email list by 172 subscribers, so now we are down (as of right now) to 545. There was a vast throng of of subscribers who never interacted or opened any of the emails, and quite a few bot accounts.

Anyway, that’s about it! I’m back, so enjoy the Quote of the Day!

Music recommendation: Jim Yosef – Lights.

Honor ought to seek thee, not thou seek it.


Have a great day!


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