Quote of the Night—9/21/19


Good evening…at least for many of you. To the others, good morning or good afternoon! But for now, I’m treating this as a Quote of the Night.

For this QOTN, I have taken a very long quote from Vengeance, the sequel to my first book, The Shadowverse. As you have so requested, there will be quite a few appearances of Z, the mysterious speedster from the first book, who was responsible for basically everything that happened. Anyway, enjoy!

Music: Eureka – Huma-Huma

The universe is constantly changing. People age, forests die and grow, continents plow into each other or split. Stars explode, and new worlds, each with their own intricacies, are born from that which is left. Galaxies collide as well and form new galaxies—galaxies far larger than that which proceeded them. The universe never stays the same. In its nature is to shift and transform. I will see that to its completion.


Have a starry night!

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