Quote of the Day + Book Promotions—07/08/2020

Good morning!

It’s my favorite day. Wednesday! Unfortunately, my best friend is leaving today to join the U.S. Navy. It honestly pretty much sucks.Thankfully, we’ll be able to talk again in September. But still.

There are two book promotions for you to check out. The first is a StoryOrigin promo for free review copies of any genre of book. There are like dozens on there, so enjoy! You can check it out HERE.

Next Promotion is a BookFunnel promotion. There are 88 participants and it is titled “Every Summer Has A Story.” It is a sales promo, so it provides paid yet bargain Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Check it out HERE.

Music recommendation: Avatar: The Last Airbender Theme (Jim Yosef Remix) 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

―Eleanor Roosevelt

Have a great day!

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