The Shadowverse

This is where you can download my book, The Shadowverse, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Superhero novel. It’s my first book among four in the saga.



Johnny Sparks longs for a higher purpose, a destiny greater than the ordinary. After an unexpected encounter with a mysterious stranger, he and his lifelong friends are imbued with incredible powers—at last giving his life meaning.

But this dream soon disintegrates once one of the friends is taken by an alien warlord named Titan. In a rescue effort, the remaining group travels across the universe in search of the only possible aid—a legendary, immortal warrior missing for centuries.

During the spectacular intergalactic journey, the team must join forces to reclaim their friend and stop a sinister scheme devised against humanity by Titan and his vast empire. The multiverse-spanning, millennia in the making conflict for the soul of reality is set in motion, but even if the group prevails, they risk losing what it means to be human.

Official Shadowverse Cover BLUE



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